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How To Help Someone With Fear And Depression Using The Bible

Fear and depression are the most common emotional and mental problems in the world today, which is why so many people go to counselors in search of healing. But what about when your friend or family member doesn’t want to go to counseling, or perhaps you simply don’t have access to one? That’s where the Bible can be your best counselor yet, with wisdom and advice on how to help someone with fear and depression. So if you’re looking for ways that the Bible can help you counsel someone suffering from fear and depression, read this article now!

Do No Harm
In counseling, Do no harm is Biblical. If you are experiencing depression or anxiety and want to fight these issues using your faith, use Bible scripture to give yourself strength, not as an excuse to harm yourself or others. God does not want you to harm anyone, including yourself. He wants you to have hope and live the fulfilling life that he created. When we experience fear and depression, we may feel like harming ourselves or others. We may even try to do so without meaning to do so. However, when we choose to read Bible verses on a regular basis, it can help us overcome these feelings of helplessness by giving us guidance from a higher power who cares about our well-being.

When in doubt, let God be your guide
Though fear and depression may seem like things that only impact your life, it can be very hard to watch someone struggle with these issues. When dealing with fear and depression, let God be your guide. When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought me joy Psalm 94:19. Even when you feel as though there is no solution or even reason to hope for relief from your problems, God is always there.

See People as God Sees Them
When you begin to see people as God sees them—as completely forgiven and holy—you will begin to see yourself as God sees you, too. You will be unable to look at another person and resent them because of who they are or what they've done in their past. Seeing others as God sees them will radically change your ability to love and serve people. But nothing can change until we begin seeing things as God sees them; there’s no room for fear where Jesus reigns. God's word tells us that we should not fear anyone or anything (1 John 4:18). We shouldn't live our lives based on our fears but instead on God's promises and His command to trust Him (Psalm 56:3). He is faithful even when everything else around us seems uncertain. There is great comfort in knowing that even if our fears come true, we have a savior who loves us beyond measure and has promised never to leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). He is with us always! So instead of fearing something that may happen tomorrow, why not live today trusting Him? That way when tomorrow comes you won't be worrying about what may happen but instead focusing on all that God has for you!

Encourage, don’t enable
As Christians, we are called to help people with fear and depression. Many times we want to help by talking about how our lives are good and secure, but that can leave those with fear and depression feeling worse. Instead, listen first and then encourage them that they are not alone in their struggle with fear and depression. It’s okay to suggest counseling or offer scriptures as encouragement for them to rely on God during their time of struggle with fear and depression. Encourage others that are struggling with fear and depression but do not enable them because enabling only makes a problem worse when it comes to fear and depression. Encourage without enabling so you can help others who are struggling! That is one way you can use your gifts of helping others as a Christian.

Allow people to experience consequences on their own
If we let people experience consequences on their own and let God do His work, people will grow more confident in situations they once feared, through their trust in God. You should examine if the person is physically harming themselves or others and take action that is appropiate then step back before doing anything else. We can be supportive to the person we are trying to help while allowing God to work on the person's life! 

Focus on Others Instead of Yourself
When you’re overwhelmed with fear and depression, it can be hard to shift your focus from yourself. But when you learn how to live for others, you’ll find that what you need is being provided. For example, when Jesus was in a boat during a storm, He told His disciples to take courage; it is I.

Live Out God’s Love in a World of Fear
Fear is not just a psychological experience. It’s a spiritual one, too. So when your friend is dealing with fear, remember that Jesus calls us to respond with love, in God’s name—not logic or reason or sense. Fear and depression can feel like massive problems that we can’t do anything about. But they are often caused by our own need for comfort and security in an insecure world. God has come to take away all of those insecurities; he is more than enough for us; but he wants us to respond to him first rather than trying to fix everything ourselves. Remembering that helps you remember how to help someone else. You show them that God loves them and cares for them by loving them and caring for them yourself, even when it seems impossible or pointless.

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