What to Expect

This special gathering creates a safe and compassionate space for individuals to openly share their personal testimonies. By exchanging stories of challenges and triumphs, participants foster empathy, understanding, and a strong sense of community, forging connections through shared experiences. 

Past Speakers

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What to Expect

This upcoming group will provide a smaller, more intimate setting for individuals to share their recovery journey, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie, understanding, and support. This recovery small group will meet once a week starting in March of 2024. 

Welcome to "Alter(Ed) Recovery Small Group,

Welcome to "Alter(Ed) Recovery Small Group," a transformative biblical-based recovery program designed to guide individuals on a journey of healing and restoration. This course is rooted in the teachings of the Bible, offering hope, guidance, and support for those seeking recovery from various challenges and addictions. The central theme of this program is embracing change and allowing God's transformative power to alter our lives. 

Group Rules

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