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1. Where you get your word matters.

2. There will often be some biblical truth to what Satan lures you with- weigh everything by scripture

3. Rain is not a time for rest it is a time for work.

4. As a believer you have a responsibility to expose the lies of the enemy. Adam was with Eve when she was deceived; no words are recorded from Adam.

5. One sin will lead to more sin across more people. What you do matters for you; it also matters for your friends and family.

6.You can hide from God, but it will not stop his pursuit of you.

7. We’re always willing to accept redemption, but We would rather choose a temporary fix over repentance.

8. Half-Confession is not a confession.

9. Neither is blame.

10. A moment, one single decision, to eat or not to, changed the trajectory of not only Eve’s life but all of mankind. Every decision you make matters

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