3 Circles Gospel Conversation

The Three Circles Gospel Conversation is a method of sharing the Christian gospel message using a simple visual aid of three circles. Each circle represents a different aspect of the human condition and God's plan for redemption. Here's a description of each circle:

  1. Brokenness: The first circle represents the brokenness and imperfection in human life due to sin. It acknowledges that everyone experiences brokenness in different ways, whether through personal struggles, relational issues, or societal challenges. This circle helps to establish a common ground of understanding that all people are flawed and in need of redemption.

  2. God's Design: The second circle depicts God's original design and intention for humanity, which is represented as a perfect circle. It highlights God's love and desire for a relationship with His creation, emphasizing concepts such as love, peace, joy, and fulfillment. This circle serves to contrast the brokenness of the first circle with God's perfect design, illustrating the gap between human condition and divine intention.

  3. Restoration: The third circle symbolizes the pathway to restoration and reconciliation with God. It illustrates how Jesus Christ's death and resurrection offer a way to bridge the gap between humanity's brokenness and God's perfect design. By accepting Jesus as Savior and surrendering to His lordship, individuals can experience forgiveness, healing, and restoration in their relationship with God. This circle emphasizes the hope and transformation available through faith in Christ.

The Three Circles Gospel Conversation is often used as a tool for evangelism and discipleship, providing a simple yet effective framework for sharing the central message of Christianity in a clear and accessible manner. It encourages meaningful conversations about faith and offers a visual representation of God's plan for salvation and redemption.